Setting Up a Payroll System for Water Sports Park Employees

You typically need to hire several employees, to help you run a water sports park. If it is a big park, you may actually find yourself having to engage dozens of employees. Either way – whether you have just a handful or many employees – you will need to set up some sort of a payroll system for them. It is through the payroll system that you would be in a position to figure out how much to pay the respective employees for their services. It is also through the payroll system that you would be in a position to figure out what you need to submit to the government, in form of taxes, for the water sports park employees. At yet another level, the payroll system would form part of your core business accounting system.

The actual process of setting up a payroll system for water sports park employees entails:

  1. Figuring out how the system is to work: so here, you need to make decisions on how exactly data is to be entered into the system. Will it, for instance, be a manual punching system? Or will it be a system where employees’ hours are calculated automatically, based on check-in times? You also need figure out how the output from the system is to be obtained. How, for instance, will the paystubs coming from the system be passed on to the employees? Will you be printing them on paper, and then distributing them to the employees? Or will you be emailing them to the employees? Or are you to set up a web-based portal where the employees are to access them? And how is the payroll data to be transferred from the system to your main accounting program? And then how is the data from the system to be passed on to the government for taxation purposes? Those are some of the important considerations.
  2. Selecting appropriate software: the ideal software is one that is easy to use, one that is secure, one that is reliable and also one that has good technical support.
  3. Hiring the people to run the payroll system: if the number of employees in the water sports park is huge, you may need to hire some people whose full-time work would be that of running the payroll system. But if the number of employees is modest, you can run the system yourself, or assign one of the employees (for instance, one of the clerks) to run the system.
  4. Introducing the employees to the payroll system: this is a question of getting the employees to understand how the system works, how their paychecks are calculated, the format of their paystubs… and so on. If it is a web-based system, you may need to give them tutorials on how to use it. You may, for instance, opt to have a system similar to PepsiCo’s – which is accessible through the Mypepsico login page. In that case, you’d need to introduce the employees to the portal’s web address (which would be something similar to So the most important thing here is to ensure that the employees are fully conversant with the system, before you commission it. You can initially set up a dummy site, which you’d use to train the employees, before transferring them to the ‘live’ site once they are fully conversant.  But if your employees are folks with decent IT skills, they surely won’t need much training to understand how to use a web-based payroll system.

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