Planting Trees at a Water Sports Park

Sometimes, it may be necessary to consider planting trees at a water sports park. The trees would serve to beautify the water sports. And this is critical, because all other factors being held constant, a water sports park that is naturally beautiful is likely to attract more people than one whose aesthetics are wanting. The trees would also serve to create a relaxed atmosphere at the water sports park. Again this is important because a water sports park is a place where people go to relax. Therefore anything that can help in creating a relaxing ambiance would be highly appreciated.

In planting trees at a water sports park, you need to:

  1. Identify the appropriate tree species to plant
  2. Get the seeds/seedlings of the identified plants species
  3. Prepare the ground where the trees would be planted
  4. Transfer the tree seeds/seedlings to the prepared ground
  5. Allow enough time for the tree seeds/seedlings to take root
  6. Take good care of the plants, so that they can grow into beautiful trees

The latter aspect, of taking good care of the plants (so that they can grow into beautiful trees) warrants special attention. You may find that you need to hire someone, on part-time or full-time basis, to help you in taking care of the trees. Ideally, if you are looking at just a handful of trees, it would be better to hire someone on a part-time basis. This may, for instance, be someone who works at CVS Health, and who also happens to have a passion for trees. So the arrangement would be one where he would be visiting the CVS Health HR portal (at, and checking his work schedule, to see when he would be programmed to be off-work. That, then, is the time he can use in tending to the trees at the water sports park.

The other alternative would be to simply get the regular grounds-men who take care of the water sports park to tend to the trees as well (as part of their day to day work).

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