How to Improve a Water Sports Park

If a water sports park is not bringing in as much revenue as it is expected to, then it may be necessary to figure out ways of improving it. The objective would be to ensure to that the (improved) water sports park attracts bigger numbers of people, translating into higher revenues. There may be another scenario: where the water sports park is performing reasonably well, and where you want to ensure that the performance doesn’t drop. This too, would make you desire to keep on improving it – so as to maintain customer satisfaction. The end goal would be to ensure that you don’t start losing customers to other nearby water sports parks.

Some of the specific ways in which a water sports park can be improved include:

  1. By introducing new (and better) recreational activities
  2. By renovating the facilities in the park
  3. By hiring more pleasant staff to man the water sports park
  4. By expanding the size of the water sports park

You can get more ideas on how to improve the water sports park from the people who visit it. You just need to set up a mechanism through which you can be collecting feedback from them. To this end, you can set up a suggestion box, where customers can be dropping tips on how they want the facility to be improved. Alternatively, you can set up a feedback collection website (similar to Dollar General’s dgcustomerfirst site) where customers can tell you how they would like the water sports park to be improved. Or you can just make a point of walking around the water sports park, and personally interviewing the people who are relaxing there, to get ideas from them on how they’d want the water sports park to be improved. The most important thing here is to ensure that you don’t just ‘sit’ on the ideas you get. Therefore, as soon as you get ideas on how to improve the water sports park, you need to implement them immediately — in order to get the desired results.

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